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A Mike's camera's eye view lightning tour of Michaelmas 2000

Welcome aboard my photographic tour of the term, made possible by borrowing my grandad's digital camera for 'evaluation purposes'. I'm now resolved to acquire my own at Christmas, so I can digitally record the rest of my phd. Be afraid... be very afraid...


MCR Black Tie Dinner (Nov 7th 2000)


Stupidly Long Walks


Cat & Loz's Party (Nov 4th 2000)

Everyone talked to each other...

Alex ate lots & lots...

Things got a bit blurry for me by this stage...

We recuperated in the kitchen...

Drank some punch...

Larry couldn't cope!

Spot the Gimp !

Lots of people have been caught on camera. Some of them are making silly faces, but only one of them is the gimp... Can you spot him?

Julia's Birthday Party (Oct 2000)

We were ready for a corking night!

Especially Richard...

But Helen was going for it too.

Spies infiltrated the hall...

Clare was surrounded by madmen...

So was Julia...

And the party rolled on!

Isn't Danny Silly!

Here is a collection of Dannys, which lead me to ask the question - has Danny got one marble missing, or has he got one extra?


CompSci Formal Hall (Oct 2000)

A most successful computer science formal hall - successful probably because Chris & I were kept at a safe distance from the main proceedings!




I do not know any of these people. In fact, they don't actually exist. Any similarity to persons, places or events, real or fictious are purely coincidental.

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